“The Wright Brothers” by Ken Hyde of the Wright Experience™

“The Wright Brothers” by Ken Hyde of the Wright Experience™

Getting to know Wilbur and Orville through an Exclusive AccessAerospace Interview!

The flying machines built and tested by Orville and Wilbur Wright are singular examples of the process of innovation. Now, a century later, the Wright Experience™ goes through the same research, development, use of materials, and challenges.  The Wright Experience™ is re-documenting one of the most profound breakthroughs in civilization, the theory and practice of flight!  Through the Wright Experience™ we can learn all about science, technology, engineering, math, problem solving, and history. This is the legacy of the Wright Brothers and the Wright Experience™.

Ken Hyde is the Owner and CEO of the Wright Experience™. Ken’s passion and tenacity has created some incredibly accurate reproductions of the Wright Flyers and Gliders. The story of the Wright Experience™ is the story that the brothers intended to tell but has sadly been lost in time.  In this exclusive interview from AccessAerospace, Ken provides a glimpse into the challenges it takes to make a Wright Flyer reproduction in today’s world!

Ironically, in 1899, when the Wright Brothers began their quest, the world was light years away from a practical solution to flight on this planet, let alone Mars!  Their innovation encompassed not only an airplane capable of flight, but also the fundamental theory that was the foundation upon which all of aerospace was based and developed. With the history making flight on Mars, the Wright Brothers inventions gained even more significance.

Here is a link ( to the exclusive AccessAerospace interview with Ken Hyde, CEO & Owner of the Wright Experience™.  He truly is a protector of history, avid collector and advocate for the Wright Brothers and their gift of flight.  His focus and dedication to creating exact Wright Brothers reproductions are obvious in his passion for the subject and the gliders and flyers that he has created.  This video discusses his passion, his pride in his work, where you can see some of the flyers, e.g. The Smithsonian in Washington DC, and what he is still working on. 

To support Ken in his continued work, AccessAerospace is exclusively listing for sale some of The Wright Experience™ gliders and flyers.  You can review these at To schedule a call with Ken Hyde to discuss how important the Wright history is with the recent Mars landing, and how his experiment in flight is continuing, email [email protected].

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