Space Shuttle Mission Spacelab J Press Kit

Space Shuttle Mission Spacelab J Press Kit


Space Shuttle Mission Spacelab J Press Kit

Spacelab J

Press Kit, September 1992

Spacelab J was also known as STS-47, and it took place in September 1992.

Here are some key details about NASA Spacelab J (STS-47):

  1. Mission Name: STS-47 (NASA Spacelab J).
  2. Space Shuttle: Endeavour (OV-105) was used for this mission.
  3. Launch Date: The mission launched on September 12, 1992.
  4. Mission Duration: The mission lasted for approximately 7 days, 22 hours.
  5. Crew: The crew consisted of seven astronauts. The mission commander was Robert L. Gibson, and the payload commander was Curtis L. Brown. Other crew members included Mark C. Lee, N. Jan Davis, Jerome Apt, and Mae Jemison, who became the first African American woman in space. Mamoru Mohri, a Japanese payload specialist, also participated in the mission.
  6. Mission Objectives: The primary objective of Spacelab J was to conduct scientific research in microgravity using the Spacelab module. The mission focused on various experiments in life sciences, material sciences, and technology development. It was particularly significant for its contributions to understanding the effects of microgravity on living organisms and materials.
  7. Payload: The mission carried the Spacelab module in the shuttle’s payload bay, which was equipped with various scientific instruments and experiments.
  8. Mission Highlights: Spacelab J was notable for its multidisciplinary approach to research, as it included experiments in various scientific fields. Mae Jemison’s presence on the mission was also historically significant, as she was the first Black woman in space.

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