Observatory Development


The process of planning, designing, financing, obtaining approvals, constructing, fitting out with equipment and supplies staffing, testing, operating continually and repairing a commercial medium to high altitude observatory is a daunting dangerous process with many mine fields along the way.
To the casual observer the structure simply does not reveal any of the components and processes and time frames that were involved in what they see. A minimum of 5 years to complete the task is considered quite normal, some smaller facilities perhaps less but for larger installations considerably more. For very large telescopes grinding and finishing the mirror elements alone can take years.

A check list is an absolutely necessity and the elements of that list are  floating targets subject to change as the process moves ahead.

Obstacles surface regularly during the program and must be addressed and solved in a reasonable amount of time in order to deliver a finished facility within planned budgets and schedules.

Observatories are considered a high-tech element for any city, organization, university, scientific research group and others. Its one of the first considerations along the way to being recognized as tech savvy and many of the aforementioned want one but don’t know how to proceed.

AccessAerospace through the auspices of William Cress Corporation ( national developers) can provide the starting points and manage the entire process right through operation manuals, staffing, training and marketing to assist with creating an financially viable project.

Download a sample check list here to further define some of the considerations that must be recognized.

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