Mobile Launcher Platform 2



Space Shuttle Discovery rolls out of the VAB atop MLP-2, ahead of STS-120

Mobile Launcher Platform 2 or MLP-2, formerly Mobile Launcher 2 or ML-2 is one of three Mobile Launcher Platforms used at Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, it was used for Saturn V and Saturn INT-21 launches and was subsequently used by the Space Shuttle.


Launch of Skylab from ML-2 at LC-39A

MLP-2 was originally constructed in 1964 as a Mobile Launcher for the Saturn V rocket, and was designated ML-2, or LUT-2. It was built by Ingalls Iron Works.I1I The swing arms, which were constructed by Hayes International were added at a later date.

Following completion, ML-2 was used for the unmanned Apollo 6 mission, followed by three manned Apollo launches; Apollo 9, Apollo 12 and Apollo 14. It was subsequently used for the launch of Skylab on a Saturn INT-21 in 1973.

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